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Active - Internet Speed Test

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Speed test Active checking A network speed test measures your internet connection's data transfer rate per second. This test speed check is a quick process of testing the broadband connection parameters so you can know whether your slow internet is your devices' problem or its connection issue.

Online Active tracking,Internet speed check works by connecting to the internet-connected server automatically nearest to your location as there are various servers present all around the globe for speed tests.

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Average results for Active

61.91 Mb/s
Download Speed
64.31 Mb/s
Upload Speed
3522.06 ms
Ping Latency

Active Internet Speed Test: Measure Download, Upload, and Ping Speeds

In the digital age, a fast and reliable internet connection is essential for staying connected, productive, and entertained. Whether you're streaming videos, working from home, or engaging in online gaming, understanding your internet speed is crucial. The Active Internet Speed Test is a user-friendly tool that enables you to measure your download, upload, and ping speeds, providing valuable insights into your connection's performance.

Unlocking the Insights of Speed Metrics

The Active Internet Speed Test focuses on three key metrics that define the quality of your internet connection:

  1. Download Speed: This metric measures how quickly data can be downloaded from the internet to your device. A higher download speed ensures smooth streaming, fast downloads, and responsive web browsing.

  2. Upload Speed: Upload speed gauges the rate at which data can be uploaded from your device to the internet. It's crucial for tasks like video conferencing, file sharing, and cloud-based applications.

  3. Ping (Latency): Ping, or latency, indicates the time it takes for data to travel between your device and a server. Lower ping values are essential for online gaming, real-time communication, and video calls.

Navigating the Active Internet Speed Test

Using the Active Internet Speed Test is simple and straightforward:

  1. Access the Test: Visit the dedicated Active Internet Speed Test page at

  2. Initiate the Test: Click the "Start Test" button to initiate the speed test. The tool will analyze your download speed, upload speed, and ping.

  3. Review the Results: Once the test is complete, you'll receive accurate readings for all three metrics, empowering you with knowledge about your network's performance.

Enhancing Your Online Journey

The Active Internet Speed Test equips you with the tools to optimize your online experience in various ways:

  1. Download Speed: Faster download speeds enable smooth streaming, quick downloads, and an overall better browsing experience.

  2. Upload Speed: Higher upload speeds facilitate efficient collaboration, seamless video conferencing, and swift file sharing.

  3. Ping and Latency: Lower ping values lead to reduced lag in gaming, clear video calls, and improved real-time interactions.

Harnessing the Full Potential of Your Connection

An active internet connection offers numerous benefits to enhance your online activities:

  • Streaming: Enjoy buffer-free streaming of movies, videos, and live events with enhanced download speeds.

  • Work Productivity: Conduct video conferences, upload files, and work remotely without interruptions using higher upload speeds.

  • Gaming: Immerse yourself in the gaming world with lower latency and responsive gameplay.

Tips for Optimizing Your Active Internet Experience

To make the most of your Active internet connection, consider these tips:

  1. Choose the Right Plan: Select an internet plan that suits your usage needs and offers the desired speed levels.

  2. Optimize Your Network: Ensure your router is well-placed for optimal coverage and configure it to deliver the best performance.

  3. Stay Updated: Stay informed about updates and offerings from Active to ensure you're maximizing your internet experience.

The Active Internet Speed Test empowers you with the knowledge to optimize your online activities. By accurately measuring your download, upload, and ping speeds, you can take control of your internet experience and enjoy seamless streaming, smooth communication, and lag-free gaming.

Explore the capabilities of the Active Internet Speed Test and embark on a journey to an enhanced online world today.

Fastest Cities for Atlantic Broadband

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)
2022-07-11 India 1 1 81696 94064
2022-07-11 India 4 1 85782 87197
2022-07-11 India 5 0 82567 87101
2022-07-11 India 1 1 84483 93817
2022-07-11 India 2 5 125116 150342
2022-07-11 India 4 6 110926 155819
2022-07-11 India 5 1 58713 931
2022-07-10 India 2 1 79662 90699
2022-07-10 India 3 2 38118 43744
2022-07-10 India 4 3 26811 28795
2022-07-10 India 4 5 16037 42507
2022-07-10 India 4 5 20473 41052
2022-07-10 India 4 5 46896 36910
2022-07-10 India 3 4 48780 38469
2022-07-10 India 3 2 16283 20395
2022-07-09 India 13 2 180424 179310
2022-07-09 India 3 3 71922 73725
2022-07-09 India 7 7 16489 19988
2022-07-09 India 2 1 83698 85130
2022-07-09 India 3 1 78298 46276
2022-07-08 India 1 0 134494 153955

Latest 20 Speed Tests

City Avg Download Speed (Mbps) Avg Upload Speed (Mbps) Avg Ping (ms)
Koratagere 317 222 7
Janakpuri 292 299 1
Dobbespet 278 287 1
Ejipura 247 364 1
Chaupanki 242 249 0
Vandavasi 208 166 1
Gandhi Nagar 196 109 1
Seshadripuram 190 194 2
Chandra Layout 180 203 3
Nelamangala 166 193 2
Nandanam 161 177 4
Whitefield 160 153 1
Yelachenahalli 153 137 3
Defence Colony 150 161 4
Jhotwara 142 119 4
Sikrai 141 59 1
Anand Parbat 140 161 62
LingarajaPuram 139 90 3
Enikepadu 139 97 1
Shantinagar 138 154 4


What is the Approx Download Speed of Active ?

Active Approx Download Speed is 61.91 Mb/s

What is the Approx Upload Speed of Active ?

Active Approx Upload Speed is 64.31 Mb/s

Active is safe?

Yes! Active is safe and our rating is 4.9

What is a location of Active?

For Location Check Google Map

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